5 Tips on Using SEO to Grow Your Small Business

seo for small business

Most small businesses have a limited budget and limited resources. So they need to either outsource as much as they can to focus on growing sales and revenue and save money bringing an employee in house for each thing they need or they need to learn how to do things themselves.

Here are Five Tips on How to Use SEO to Grow Your Business.

  1. Use Google Maps sections which is completely free to sign up for here. When setting up your Google Maps Business listing make sure to maximize everything and every section they ask you to fill out being thorough and using pictures, videos, about text ect.. to share what services or products you offer locally.
  2. Hire a local SEO consultant or SEO agency in your area.. For example, in Phoenix, AZ like us search “Phoenix SEO Consultant” or SEO Phoenix to see who is on the first page and get RFPs
  3. Make sure your website is designed well, mobile friendly, has SSL, loads fast, and is conversion friendly. Even use a DIY website builder like Weebly if you are starting out that handles all of this out the box.
  4. Start Blogging or hire a blogger – start answering all your FAQs asked by customers and make the blog post title the question asked, and the content the answer, most likely customers are searching this way on Google too.
  5. Sign up for a local citation directory service of sorts like Moz Local and make sure you set up and link your website to all of your social media profiles.

If you have any SEO tips for Small businesses please share them in the comments below.


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